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     Welcome to your online resource for finding a variety of timberframe resources, and relevent information for panel related subjects including material relating to hardboard products.  With such a large amount of types of panels out there it is difficult to conduct relevant searches on your panel subject.  Please use our free tools and information to find the panel information, services or products that pertain to your needs.  Thank you for visiting Striped Hardboard and please come again.

    Timber frame is sometimes found in luxury home construction. Timber framing is also know as post and beam construction, where the timbers ar actually exposed inside the home, giving it a rustic flavor. In timber framing construction, framed structures of heavy timber are jointed together with pegged mortise and tenon joints. Diagonal bracing is applied to provide stability to the structure. The timber itself provides an old fashioned yet elegant appearance when used in homes. Timber is real, genuine wood and nothing new. But it is becoming more popular in recent years. Due to it's natural properties it will probably only continue to grow in poularity. Timberframe homes are cheaper to heat and the material is human and environmently friendly. Timberframe homes can also be built faster.

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