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    Plywood Panels

    Plywood Panels

     Welcome to your online resource for finding plywood panel resources, and relevent information for a variety of panel related subjects.  With such a large amount of types of panels out there it is difficult to conduct relevant searches on your panel subject.  Please use our free tools and information to find the panel information, services or products that pertain to your needs.  Thank you for visiting Striped Hardboard and please come again.

    Plywood is a human engineered wood made from thin sheets of wood veneer, called plies or veneers which are slabbed together. Plywood panels are used for a variety of construction areas including sub-flooring, exterior sheathing, roofing and other residential, commercial and industrial uses. Because plywood is realtively inexpensive, it's commonly used by do-it-yourself types in building barns, additions and dog houses. Just visit your local retailers like Home Depot or Lowes to purchase plywood panels.

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    Plywood Panels
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