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    Solar Panels

    Solar Panels

     Welcome to your online resource for finding solar panel resources, and relevent information for a variety of panel related subjects.  With such a large amount of types of panels out there it is difficult to conduct relevant searches on your panel subject.  Please use our free tools and information to find the panel information, services or products that pertain to your needs.  Thank you for visiting Striped Hardboard and please come again.

    There has been interest in solar panels in recent years as people search for alternative energy sources. Solar panels can convert energy from the sun into electricity. Unlike windpower sources, sunpower is present throughout the country and could become a prominent energy source for homes. One of the most popular types of solar panels photovoltaic modules. A photovoltaic module is a packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. Note however the present technology in photovoltaic cells doesn't convert normal sunlight efficiently and the higher cost of the panels, makes them less desirable in everyday application. As the technology improves and the cost decreases, solar panel may find their way in home application.

    Solar hot water panels are another type of Solar panel technology. Like traditional solar panels, solar hot water panels are placed on rooftops and exposed to direct sunlight. Solar hot water panels utilize solar energy to heat a fluid, which is in turn used to move heat generated in the array to a heat storage receptacle.

    A specific category of solar panels are solar thermal collectors. A solar thermal collector generates heat in much the same way that hot water solar panels do. However the solar heat is used to generate electricity by heating water to produce steam. The steam then drives a turbine connected to an electrical generator.
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    Solar Panels
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